2013 Race Schedule!

New Years is almost here! I’m pretty excited for New Year’s Eve and to start a new year. Not that 2012 sucked or anything, it had normal ups and downs. But as far as running goes, it was a serious up.

So what’s in store for 2013? Thanks to an odd propensity for signing up for races months and months in advance, I have plenty on the books already. Some of these dates are tentative, some races haven’t posted the exact date yet, but they are a regular of mine. I’m not posting many 5k’s or many 5 miler/10k’s, just the most notable, but they will be there. Plus I am sure I’ll be adding a lot of the Dirty Trail Series to the list as the year goes on. I will add links as they become available.

And just a reminder, I LOVE starting line company, so lets do this.

Here we go, the 2013 Race Schedule:



  • Nothing in February yet, we’ll have to see what happens here





  • Ohio City Run and Crawl – 6/15



September/October – aka: The Justin Challenge! 


  • Cleveland Turkey Trot – 11/21
  • Possibly a 50k attempt, just have to pick one. Maybe Bill’s Badass?


  • Not sure yet, but there will be something. It’s inevitable.

The only thing this race calendar is lacking is a destination race. I ran Surf City in California in 2011, Disney Princess in 2012, and Chicago in the fall. I had it in my head that I was going to run the Clearwater Half Marathon at the end of January this year down in Florida, but didn’t have any interested parties. So that probably won’t happen. Would have been a sweet birthday. Maybe I will throw a trip in there somewhere if it fits.

May and September/October are marathon months, and I have a goal in mind for my May marathons. But I will get into that when the time comes. For the next couple weeks I will just be focusing on group runs and keeping up my base. Then Marathon Training Cycle 4 will begin!

What is your 2013 schedule going to look like? Anything big on the books? Am I the only weirdo out there that books in advance? I registered for the October Rock n Roll half marathon back in May, well over a year in advance… totally whacko, I get it. 

7 thoughts on “2013 Race Schedule!

  1. Holly

    This looks completely overwhelming to me! No way my body could handle that. I have not done the Ohio City or the Winking Lizard maybe I will try one of them next year.

    1. Julie @ Am I There Yet Post author

      They are both really fun races! They can both be really hot though as they’re in the summer and both are evening races. But the social side of them make it worth it.

  2. Mel

    I just registered for the Chase Your Shadow 5k in Franklin, Oh. It is a nice race through the Portage State Park. And I know for sure I am doing my first half in Cle in May. I try to plan out at least one race per month for scheduling and to plan for the race entry costs! Good luck this year!

  3. Cynthia

    So far I have the Coyote Hills Half-Marathon in January (when I’ll be visiting my brother in California…it’ll be my first trail(ish) race), then the Tunbridge Wells Half-Marathon in February (my favourite race; it’ll be my fourth year), the Rome Marathon in March, and the Tonbridge Half-Marathon in September. I was considering a 50k in August, but considering how uncommitted I’ve been to my Rome training, I don’t know! :-/

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